You can help other small businesses with your own Bookkeeping Practice

Our unique training programme is tailor-made for people ready to take control of their life by creating a home-based business that will be successful in the short, medium and long-term.

A unique Bookkeeping Training Programme

With the ‘Professional Bookkeepers Academy’, you can be in control of your own full service, home-based bookkeeping business.

This programme includes Ireland’s premier bookkeeping software technology, and a powerful ‘client acquisition’ strategy to ensure the growth of your business.

No more hours in spent traffic

The origins of our programme are rooted in a passion to empower people to be masters of their own destiny. Whatever your current situation, you can quickly ‘get your life back’ and run a work schedule that completely suits your lifestyle.

Become part of a progressive and dynamic business community

The PBA community is the result of years of relationship-building among its own group of bookkeeping professionals, and other entrepreneurs from a diverse range of other businesses. You can constantly be part of a referral, information and support network, where everyone contributes to each other’s success. 

Unique, scalable business model - with an Exit Plan.

From day one, our programme is focussed on your short, medium and long-term success. We’ll work with you to grow a bookkeeping business that is scalable and has real value which makes it a ‘sellable’ asset for the future. We’ll help you put in place your exit plan for that time in the future when you want to have options in life.

Be inspired when you help others have a better work / life balance!

Providing a great service is always satisfying. Yet the PBA vision goes far beyond this – the type of person drawn to our programme will typically have a natural desire to use their expertise to help other small businesses grow and thrive.

The Professional Bookkeepers Academy has a strategic partnership with Ireland’s leading Accounting Software providers,

Our expert team works with you ‘hands-on’ to win clients consistently.

Being a great professional is only half the story for having a great business. It’s nearly always the same – acquiring clients is the tough part. The PBA programme addresses this with a powerful, practical marketing approach based on the most effective way of all to get clients – Word Of Mouth.

Years Of Success

The Professional Bookkeepers Academy is firmly established in Ireland for several years.
Here are just some examples form a wealth of success stories from our unique community. 

I felt confident in my bookkeeping skills. However, I thought I would need to go out “selling” my business and this terrified me – I was concerned about my ability to win clients. The marketing programme put me totally at ease and helped me determine my target market. This led me to identify a niche area that I had not thought of before.

Frances Browne (PBA Executive Partner in Co. Meath)


I was a qualified accounts technician, however I didn’t have the confidence to go out on my own as a bookkeeper. Once I joined PBA I received all the necessary training and support to start my own business. Being part of a bookkeeping community gave me huge confidence, as the behind the scenes back-up is always there. Now thankfully I find myself with a great business, working from home and weekends off to do what I want to do.

Mary Stanford (PBA Executive in Co. Clare)


We’d love to hear from you to explore how we can partner together to establish your bookkeeping business. 

In the meantime, here are some top-level points that will calrify the initial questions you are likely to have.

Do I have to get my own clients?

Yes, however we work with you hands-on with a powerful and rewarding ‘client acquisition’ process. You’ll be amazed how accessible this approach is…

Do I have to pay an ongoing percentage?

No! Our vision is to empower people to successfully run their own business and become part of our on-going support network if this is what works for them.

Is there a payment plan for the programme?

Yes! We can discuss options with you to engage with us in a variety of ways.

Are there territorial restrictions?

No. Our community of bookkeepers works closely together and you will not be restricted in any way to work in your best geographical area. People will often refer business to each other.

Is there a demand for bookkeeping services in Ireland?

Emphatically YES. Now more than ever, even to the point that it can be more relevant than the role an accountant has traditionally played. This is what we have learrned form both the 2008 recession and now the Coronavirus situation. SME’s need to constantly know where their business stands.  

Can I use my own choice of accounting software?

Yes, there is plenty of great modern accounting software available. However, our software is award-winning, includes the highest levels of user support and is tailored to simply manage the complexities of Irish VAT.

Ready to get started?