Daniela Tronci

Daniela has spent many years working as a bookkeeper and administrator in her family business in the beautiful Island of Sardinia, Italy. The business was in the Health & Wellness sector, and as a result Daniela has developed a real passion for people’s wellbeing. 

As it was a family enterprise, Daniela found herself working on all aspects of business and enjoyed every minute of it. She took a keen interest in improving systems and processes within the everyday tasks, finding that she loved and embraced modern technology. Daniela’s motto is “if you can save time, you can save money”! She strongly believes that the use of up-to-date software gives clients information on their business at the click of a button. This efficiency gives them peace of mind that they are making the correct decisions based on facts. Daniela believes that the combination of a good bookkeeper and modern technology helps business owners with their overall wellbeing, and a more relaxed approach to life. Daniela loves living in Ireland and looks forward to building great relationships with her clients into the future.

Daniela has a Professional Diploma in Accounting from Istituto Kennedy, Frosinone, Italy and she has previously worked as a Senior Fund Administrator in Bank of New York Mellon, Cork.

Tel:  089 485 4498

Email: daniela.book8@gmail.com