Edward ODonoghue

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Edward O’Donoghue provides bookkeeping and cloud bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses, with a particular focus on businesses in the hospitality industry. Edward has extensive experience in management within the food and beverage sector, both in Ireland and abroad. Worth noting in particular; during his time in the UK, his hard work was recognised nationally as he achieved a place in the overall top percentage of pubs for profits.

It’s this industry experience gives that gives him the skill in understanding the specific needs of these types of businesses in order to identify opportunities to cut costs and improve profitability.

Edward is a recent graduate of the Professional Bookkeepers Academy programme, and has been touted as “a genius with stock control and costings for restaurants and bars” by his peers – no doubt making him an invaluable asset to any hospitality trader.

Through his business, Finance Control, Edward provides a fully comprehensive service in the form of stocktaking, cycle counts, purchasing and procurement pricing, as well as menu recipe costing, giving clients the ability to work on their business and not for their business.

Edward has a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to bookkeeping, and strongly believes in helping businesses to improve their bottom line by identifying exactly where their money is going at all times. Being educated by experience, he found the importance of making, minding, but also enjoying money, was paramount.

Edward’s mission is to assist clients in making timely financial decisions, based on accurate and real time facts at all times, proposed in an easy-to-understand way – without them having to wait until year end for those results.

Per Edward;

“As a small business owner, I also understand that repeat business is the only way to survive long term. As the founder of Finance Control, I make every effort to ensure our customers are satisfied with us in delivering results by helping them to focus on boosting profits margins and cutting costs, ensuring that they come back to us again and again.

I want business owners not to be afraid of results, but to instead embrace monthly reporting in order to manage their finances in a controlled fashion. I work hard and our clients trust me to deliver results in a down-to-earth, straightforward way.”

Edward can be contacted at:

Phone : 00353 877670816

Email  :  stocktakingcontrol@gmail.com

Website: https://www.financecontrol.ie