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The Professional Bookkeepers Academy is much more than an education and training programme – becoming an ‘Executive Partner’ gives you access to a host of benefits to complement your bookkeeping business. LEARN MORE BY WATCHING OUR VIDEO!

Be ‘first in line’ for the big opportunities.

Our ‘Executive Partner’ team is in constant contact with Irish businesses and the in-house requirements they have for outsourced bookkeepers.

From normal day-to-day bookkeeping services, to internal staff training, the PBA can generate regular business opportunities for our Executive Partners.

Always at the forefront

From technological developments to the latest from the world of finance and trends in marketing and communications, the PBA and its wider community of professional collaborations is always at the forefront of innovation – we constantly bring this knowledge and awareness to our Bookkeepers community.

Meet some of our Executive Partner team.

Highly qualified, with a range of expertise from one-off requirements to fully comprehensive outsourced business bookkeeping services, our bookkeeping team is the best – whether it’s software set up and implementation, outsourced bookkeeping, accountancy, or connecting with your existing system that you need.

Sean Grehan

Sean provides a Compherensive Bookkeeping and Costing Service to Small and Medium Enterprises anywhere in Ireland.

Suzanne Doyle

Suzanne has a proven track record of setting up processes to create better efficiencies within businesses. If you want to reduce the stress, call or email her today.


Frances Browne

Frances is focused on helping growers, producers and small businesses in the horticultural industry to confidently manage the financial aspects of their business.

Martin Ryan

Martin delivers a personal approach to the financial management of his clients’ businesses alongside sourcing businesses lending options.

Daniela Tronci

Daniela believes that both, good bookkeepers and modem technology help business owners with their overall wellbeing, and a more relaxed approach to life.

Edward ODonoghue

Edward O’Donoghue provides bookkeeping and cloud bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses, with a particular focus on businesses

Mary Stanford

Mary Stanford provides bookkeeping service for small and medium size businesses in County Clare and North Limerick…

Rakhshanda Khan

Rakhshanda Khan, Accountworx, provides services throughout the greater Dublin area.

Christine Boyle

Christine offers specialist insight for business owners in the healthcare sector having spent nearly 25 years’ in public and private health in Ireland and the UK

Michael Sparksman

I help my customers to achieve work-life balance and the freedom to do what they want to do by engaging with me. For me, this brings both fulfilment and satisfaction.

Mihaela Iftime

By streamlining account keeping, cleaning up paper records and achieving clarity around business finances, Mihaela gives her customers confidance in their business.

Aparecida Magee

Aparecida (Cida) Magee  established Magee Business Solutions in 2018. She offers straightforward and easy approach to bookkeeping which includes a wide range of services.

Nikolina Tijardovic

Nikolina Tijardovic launched Core Business in 2020 with a vision to helping her clients achieve an accurate picture of their business finances in real-time.


Talk to Dan

Dan O'Donoghue is Co-Ordinator of our 'Executive Partner' programme. To learn more about the benefits of being part of the team, contact Dan at:

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The Professional Bookkeepers Academy works closely with businesses and organisations of all types, and is a ‘trusted source’ of quality bookkeeping services to Irish businesses:


Client Acquisition

Our programme is based on decades of world-renowned business networking expertise. Reactively, proactively and creatively, we can work with our bookkeepers to generate the business opportunities that are most appropriate for them.

Vision & Values

The academy is driven by a set of values which results in a community of like-minded business people who are on a journey together towards the same vision – providing an excellent service while maintaining a great personal lifestyle.

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