Gerard Connolly

Gerard Connolly brings a wealth of expertise and experience to each of his clients.

He provides more than simple numbers and balanced books, something far more valuable; real world experience at owning and running retail businesses and any business owner will tell you, it just can’t be learned from a book. He understands and appreciates that factual and timely information is critical to the decision making process for business owners. Getting the books completed correctly and on time gives his client’s peace of mind.

With the advantages of cloud computing Gerard can keep the books and help his clients no matter where they are. His services include: Bookkeeping, Reconciliations, Invoicing, payroll, and VAT returns. If you are an owner of a retail business and need a first class bookkeeper whose specialty is retail,

Call Gerard or Email him:

Mobile: 0868121215

Work: 044 9362698


When asked about the importance of his service Gerard made it clear.

“It’s not just about numbers, it’s about understanding our clients and their businesses. Helping our clients to achieve their goals and providing exceptional service.”