Michael Sparksman

All it takes is a decision.  A decision to live more purposefully, to pursue what brings you fulfilment.
I grew up with my parents and family in Clontarf, Dublin.  I had a happy childhood there – making good friends from an early age. I got my first job aged 10 delivering evening newspapers and earning my first few bob. I particularly remember going round the doors collecting the newspaper money on Friday evenings with my boss.  This early experience taught me the value of work and of good working relationships.

I had a turning point decades later after working for many different companies. I realised it was time to take charge of my own life and become my own boss.  It was time to strike out for a much better work-life balance. What I have realised is the freedom it gives me. I believe that my clients can achieve similar freedom to do what they want to do by engaging with me.

The freedom allows me to express my own beliefs, values and vision with like-minded people.  I believe it delivers freedom to do what each of us want to do – allowing us to do what we do best.  For me, this brings fulfilment satisfaction and a better work-life 

Phone: 01 5242496

Email: michael@bookkeepingplus.ie