Nikolina Tijardovic

Owner, Core Business

Nikolina Tijardovic launched Core Business in 2020 with a vision to helping her clients achieve an accurate picture of their business finances in real-time. Through regular record keeping, financial reporting and analysis, she removes the burden from bookkeeping, empowering her clients to make informed decisions about their business and free-up their time to focus on what matters to them most.

Nikolina is especially passionate about helping clients to apply user-friendly processes and procedures that streamline business systems and achieve clarity and transparency. She has extensive experience implementing business systems in conjunction with tailored, easy-to-follow manuals that clear backlogs, reduce delays and remove administrative burdens.

Nikolina brings more than 12 years’ experience in financial management and accounting to Core Business. She is a graduate of the Professional Bookkeeper’s Academy, a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and is an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper. She also holds a Master of Economics in Finance Management from the J. J. Strossmayer University in Croatia.

Nikolina’s own journey towards achieving balance between her work and family time led to many more opportunities than she could have previously imagined. Today, through Core Business, she is dedicated to supporting her clients so they too can free themselves from long hours and achieve satisfaction both in and outside of work.

Nikolina is a bilingual English and Croatian speaker. She runs Core Business from Milltown, Co Kerry, and can be contacted on:

Phone: 00353 85 104 5825

Email :