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Businesses will always struggle to be successful unless they can make real-time decisions based on current accounting information. WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR SOME FURTHER THOUGHTS!

The story so far…

Our founders Anne and Aileen Hannan, worked in an accounting practice. Their job was to greet the business owners, take in shoe boxes full of receipts and turn them into VAT Returns, Year End Accounts and Tax Returns.


What they noticed across the board was that ambitious, highly skilled business owners were reduced to an almost childlike state as they grappled with confusing jargon trying to understand what the accountant was telling them about how their business had performed the previous year and how they now had to come up with a figure to pay their tax. A figure they were not anticipating and had not prepared for.

Usually they’d have to go off and get a loan, in some horrendous cases, even re-mortgage the family home. It was demoralising for both the business owners and Anne and Aileen. The process of handling small business accounts is unhelpful and astonishingly hasn’t changed much since then, but the Professional Bookkeepers Academy is transforming that.

So what was wrong? In Anne and Aileen’s estimation they knew that businesses would always struggle to be successful unless they could get a real-time understanding of their finances. Businesses need to know what their profits are today, not wait until up to 18 months later to learn what’s happening.

The sisters first created a user-friendly, informative accounting software package to empower small business owners to gain control of their own business. Their vision was that every business owner would know exactly where they stood financially at all times. They created a very successful business, very quickly, with a lot of satisfied customers. But in some instances, their vision was not being realised. What they came to understand is that their accounting software was half the story. The software is a great tool, but still only a tool, without the right driver it’s not going to deliver the results.

But the combination of their software and well trained, qualified bookkeepers, that they could trust to deliver on their vision, was the ultimate empowerment solution for any SME. This prompted them to set up the highly successful Professional Bookkeepers Academy to train bookkeepers that believe what they believe, to deliver on that vision.

If you believe in Anne and Aileen’s vision and share their same core values, joining them on their journey through the Professional Bookkeepers Academy may be the opportunity that you are looking for.

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Highly qualified, with a range of expertise one-off requirements to fully comprehensive outsourced business bookkeeping services, our bookkeeping team is the best. Whether it’s software set up and implementation, outsourced bookkeeping, accountancy, or connecting with your existing system that you need, All of our bookkeepers are executive partners from the highly respected Professional Bookkeepers Academy (PBA).

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