Unique training

for a flexible lifestyle

WIth our course, you can establish your own successful and scalable bookkeeping practice, work as many or as few hours as you choose, from your preferred location.

Scroll down this page to see just how comprehensive and far-reaching our training and support programme is. 

Are you that unique person with the unusual combination of being happy and competent doing your own financial management and bookkeeping, while also having genuine entrepreneurial drive and loves the challenge of achieving success?

Do you have a natural tendency to look out for the well-being, and contribute to the success of others?

Do you desire the flexibility to work your own hours under your conditions, perhaps as a home-based business without the need for extensive traveling?


Most entrepreneurs hate to do their books and admin, but are driven to run a successful business.

Most bookkeepers love doing the books, but lack the drive to do what’s needed to grow a business.


If you are that rare individual who has both of these characteristics, are happy and skilled at financial matters, competent using computers, and excited by the idea that you could be the master of your own destiny with a bookkeeping business that can be as big or small in scale as you want it to be – then the PBA Bookkeeping Training & Support Programme and Bookkeepers Community may be what you’re looking for.

The PBA ‘Bookkeeping Business In A Box’

The Professional Bookkeeping Academy is a unique initiative to support people in setting up their own home-based bookkeeping practice.

Our comprehensive training programme has been set up to address ALL the elements required for a bookkeeper to have a successfull business in the short, medium and long-term.

Programme elements:


Becoming a Qualified Bookkeeper
Ireland’s leading training programme for bookkeepers,
accredited by the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers).


Building & Scaling your Bookkeeping Practice
With ‘Lean Business Practice’ and the support available within our Executive Partners
community, you can have a business as big or small as YOU would like. 


Professional Internship
We organise this for you – shadow an established, successful bookkeeper.


Post Qualification ‘Bookkeepers Mastermind’
You can participate in a focussed, supportive, Executive Partners bookkeeping community.


Ready made Business Connections & Collaborations
High-potential business opportunities arranged by marketing and networking experts.


Cutting Edge Accounting Software
Access to Ireland’s leading Cloud Accounting Software, designed for Irish Businesses.


‘Lean Business’ Practices
Guidance to streamline your processes to rapidly address customer requirements.

Part 1:
Becoming a Qualified Bookkeeper

Starting from the very basics of bookkeeping up to working with and presenting to clients and accountants.

The comprehensive elements of bookkeeping;
the importance of the bookkeeper’s role; the difference between bookkeeping and accounting; double-entry bookkeeping; VAT Rules; managing paperwork; calculating percentages, profit margins, Irish VAT returns; full explanation of double-entry bookkeeping, debits and credits; explanation and use of reports such as profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance; bank reconciliations; creditor and debtor reconciliation; opening balances; year-end; monthly management reports preparation; Anti-money laundering (AML).

Learn how to harness the power of technology to create efficient, paperless systems for you and your future clients:
Cloud Accounting Software – run your business from anywhere, easily share up-to-date information with clients;
Payroll Software – efficient, easy-to-use payroll software
Receipt Capturing Software – learn the latest in receipt capturing technology – no delays in getting information from clients, full transparency on purchase invoices and receipts;
Live Bank Feeds – game-changing efficiency, bank transactions are pulled live into the accounting software, makes bank reconciliations so much easier.

You’ll have access to our paid internship opportunities to gain confidence before taking on your own clients.

Ongoing Support
You’re joining a community of bookkeepers, all with their own speciality areas. You’ll have ongoing access to the SortMyBooks team for support on all aspects of your business.

Part 2:
Building a Bookkeeping Practice

Business people understand that word-of-mouth and referrals are the most effective way to generate business, but may struggle to consistently get new clients this way despite the unlimited potential they are sitting on top of.

This part of the course will show you how grow your business through word-of-mouth with the creation of a detailed, personalised ‘Referral Marketing Plan’. You’ll create a strong and clear business message, develop an understanding of who the right people are to create the perfect business relationships with, and in doing so dramatically increase the amount of opportunities you get for your business.

Starting with a deep exploration of WHY you choose to be a bookkeeper (your ‘Emotionally Charged Connection’), the course addresses your Vision & Mission; your Brand & Image; your ideal Target Market; the key people you need to have within your network – as well as those you already know who could likely refer clients to you NOW; the activities you can do that will motivate and activate your network; how to equip your key relationships to refer you at the highest levels.

Supporting Marketing Activities
This course will also outline how to acvhieve a realistic and practical balance between your word-of-mouth activities and other marketing channels.

Your Personal Development
The knowledge and activities included in this part of our course helps you improve your awareness and identity, develop your talents and potential, build human capital, enhance your quality of life and ultimately help you to have an ‘Amazing Business and a Spectacular Life’.

  • Improve your Self-Awareness.
  • Build Your Own Identity.
  • Discover and Develop Your Talents.

By collaborating with our outsource partners, you can work the hours you want, earn the income you want without hampering your growth or ending up working 24/7, and ultimately have a business as big or small as YOU would like.

The investment for this training, support and
community participation programme is €14,995.

For further details conatct:

Dan O’Donoghue:  +353 87 931 0444  /  dan@professionalbookkeepersacademy.com

Our training course partners: 

The PBA training courses are delivered in collaboration with industry-leaders in their fields.

SortMyBooks work with Business Owners, Bookkeepers, Accountants and Consultants. Online Accounting Software, with related support and set up services, designed by an Irish company for Irish Businesses.

Asentiv is a unique, international ‘Entrepreneurial Development’ organisation, helping vision and mission-driven business people to have an Amazing Business and a Spectacular Life.

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